About Us

I’m not gonna lie, this was my favorite club in the area long before I started helping out with this. As with all my reviews ill still be as objective as possible in my critique of the place. If you’ve never been here you can expect an amazing aesthetic with gothic imagery built into the architecture giving the place castle-like vibe.

The music itself is why I f…ell in love with place. In the front room you have 80’s & Dark Alternative among other things. In the back room you’ll find some of the stompiest music you’ll find in the LA area playing through an amazing sound system with an impressive lighting system. The nights are theme and I do have to admit there’s something fun about dressing up like your favorite villain or character from a movie. They also constantly have performers and amazing underground artists. So in a typical night you might start in the main room with a packed dance floor, walk through the hallway which at any given moment is lined with artists, zombies, and vendors, before making your way to the frot room where you might catch a band play, watch a burlesque show, gawk at fetish players, & dance to 80’s goth & Dark Alternative. It’s really epic honestly.

Anther thing that should be mentioned about the crowd. I can’t really explain why & I can promise you I’m not exaggerating, but you’ll find some of the friendliest people here. Keep in mind we’re in the LA/Hollywood area. It’s a given that at most clubs you’ll run into have a lot of negative, clicky type people. I understand that & actually have grown accustomed to it. But for someone who doesn’t spend a large amount of their time making friends & connections in the scene you’ll be perfectly fine here & even make a few new friends. -A true story as an example: Last month a brought a friend. She knows almost no one in this scene & she had never been to Batcave. Upon walking in I showed her around a little & introduced her to some of the artist. Within 10 minutes people saw that she was friendly & met her with that same friendly energy. I saw her constantly approaching & being approached by random club goers just to chat and say hi. This is common motif at this club. People are friendly & it sets the place apart.